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You may have heard about ordinary people who earn money through YouTube and think that you can do it too. Received thousands dollars from YouTube may not be realistic, but you can start earning money quickly, and that can be done when you have a solid and strong subscriber base. Of course, the first step is to create your YouTube channel and make sure that you keep it active. The most important thing you need to remember is to have a short, original and easy to remember name so people will remember your name with no hassle. Do not forget to upload a high quality video with relatively short duration and make sure that you do it regularly and constantly. By uploading your video regularly, you can keep an audience. People will be more interested to be a subscriber when you add your interesting content to a regular schedule, and keep the schedule if that is possible. You will find audience and that is the most important in using YouTube as way to earn money.To get more audience, you need to make sure that your comment section is lively. You could start with buy youtube custom comments at social forming.

It will trigger more comments and views, so you will get more audience to your video. When you have more viewers, make sure that you are interacting with the audience to respond to their comments. When your YouTube channel is lively, you could be sure that you will gain more popularity in YouTube. It is really crucial to appear on the first page of the YouTube when you want to earn money from it. That is why the buy youtube custom comments service that social forming has to offer will give you a lot of benefits, especially in YouTube popularity. You could gain popularity cheap and no hassle, just visit the social forming website.