Unit middle-class apartment there is almost never empty

A comprehensive state of Singapore is only 700 km2. In the area of these, approximately 4.1 million people inhabit Singapore. Although limited extent, the Singapore government does not mean ignoring the rights of its citizens to obtain decent housing. For residents, the government of Singapore to build vertical housing (condo) as queens peak condo. Locals say, almost all citizens of Singapore occupy the condo. There are only a few people who live in the house or landed house. Almost all of Singapore’s land area crowded with high-rise condominium building, while the house is rarely seen. Because land prices are very expensive, so the people who live there only afford to buy a condo. Good with freehold status (reserved) or lease. Residents who live in the house called a native Singaporean and have a good economic condition. Even if there is a house, it typically an old house used as cafes, boutiques or spas.

In Singapore, the condo is divided into two segments, which are built private condominium developers, and condominiums built by the government or the so-called Development Housing Board. The price range starts from SGD 300-600 thousand per unit, or approximately 2.5 billion per unit. The condo is set to the upper middle-class people. Meanwhile, representatives from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the institution that land use planning and conservation authorities were given say because the area is narrow and a bit of land, Singapore doing the reclamation for development.

Singapore’s development can be seen today far when compared to 10 years ago. In the past, the Marina Bay area is becoming a new landmark of Singapore yet, but now the government’s development and private make Singapore, a country that is very advanced. Along with the public demand is so high to make some enterprises apartment developers build different apartment complexes. And sometimes to meet the needs of the community will be the property of their apartment building apartment recklessly and unworthy. For example, the location of the apartment is far away from the crowd and from the city center. This makes apartment investments are not very promising at that location. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing apartment investments which are decent and perspective. For example, make sure the location of the apartment located at strategic locations.