The best choice to protect your income

The protection of your own income is one of the most important investments that you should make, in order to have the most secured future for yourself and your families. Although there are many income insurance companies out there, it’s a wise course of action not to choose one of them hastily, so you won’t end up with a bad company. Choosing the most expensive company that you can hire is a good idea, so you will get the best protection for your income. It’s better to choose the best income insurance company, so you will reduce the risks of being unable to face the unexpected situations in the future.

The Wealth builder club is one of the best income insurance companies in Ireland, and there are several reasons of why you should choose this company. Quick income protection which we provide will ensure your income safety, especially when the emergency arises. Your premium rate is guaranteed, so it won’t rise once you’ve subscribed to this cover. As for the non-smokers, they will get a special discount for their treatment bills. Our company covers up to 75% of your earnings, and it’s one of the biggest covers among other companies. In order to reach the highest satisfaction from our customers, each one of them will receive 20% or 40% tax relief on their premium. Our cover range is astoundingly flexible. It starts from the 12,000 euro p.a and up to 250,000 euro p.a.

Each customer will get the freedom to choose the end age of cover. The income protection is also allowing our customers to get the best doctors for their treatment, without having them to pay for any treatment that they’ve received. It’s a very exquisite service and it’s only available for our customers. Don’t forget that our customers will get the access to the overseas treatment plan, for the customers with the personal income protection.