Some of the Things to Consider When Making a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is one of the most effective objects to accommodate family activities outdoors at home. Aside from being a means of exercising, the area around the pool also serves as a place for relaxation with family.

The cost to create a private swimming pool is quite expensive. The calculation of the cost is usually calculated from the square meter size and location conditions or areas where the pool will be built. If you are interested in building a private pool, there are several things you should consider and they will be discussed below.

Water pump and filtration

The water filtrations in a single swimming pool are usually two. As for the pump, it is commonly one, yet in this term, you have to remember to only use an energy efficient pool pump. The first filtration containing the fibers is a reservoir of water, while the other tube containing limestone works as a water filter. With the help of the force pump and the suction pump, dirty water in the pool will be pushed out and replaced with clean water that has been through the filters.

To maintain the stability and cleanliness of the pool water, add 1 ounce of chlorine into the pool water at least 3 days. Chlorine serves to maintain the Ph of water so as to minimize the growth of algae tends to grow on the water exposed to sunlight and is rarely used.

Location and land

Determine the location and check the land be the first thing you must do. The minimum size to create a pool located on the side or in the back yard ranging between 4m x 7m with a minimum depth of 1 meter for an adult. If the area of the pool is less than this size, it affects on your comfort while moving in it.

You have to make sure the location is far enough away from the pool plumbing system and have enough land to put water installation systems. Also, do not forget to create a water reservoir overflow of about 20cm from the pool terrace which is directly connected with the bath water filtration that is beside the pool.